Short Note #66: Sulfur Dioxide Determination in Beer

SO2 Determination in Beer by Distillation

SO2 Determination in Beer by Distillation

Short Note #66 introduces a novel procedure for the determination of Total sulfur dioxide (SO2) contents in beer using distillation. The most important advance stems from a calibration by means of a stabilized SO2 standard containing acetaldehyde simulating a beer matrix. A calibration equation is derived from a linear correlation of a series of SO2 determinations with SO2 standards and the calibration equation is applied in order to adjust measured SO2 results in samples. Total SO2 contents in a series of 5 beers were evaluated and results compared to the DTNB SO2 Method.

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The DTNB SO2 Method is based on a spectrophotometric determination of the reaction product of SO2 with DTNB (5,5-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid). SO2 is entrained by a nitrogen stream into a buffered DTNB solution and the absorbance is measured at 415 nm. Steam distillation, as a possible alternative, does not fully recover SO2 from the sample without further optimization and adaption. The most important improvements stem from acidification of the sample with an acid mixture of methanol, water and orthophosphoric acid and a calibration by means of a stabilized
SO2 standard solution. The calibration reveals an excellent linear relationship between the determined SO2 amounts and the corresponding known amounts of standard solution. The linear equation is applied in the calculations to correct for Total SO2.

Beer Samples:
− Calanda Lager
− Heineken 1
− Heineken 2
− Prix Garantie Lager
− Heineken 3

− Distillation Unit K-355 with SO2 absorption glass (order number 048680)
− Metrohm DMP 785 Titrino
− Metrohm Pt-Titrode 6.0431.100
− Volumetric pipette 5 ml
− Glass beaker 500 ml