Live Webinar: Industrial Rotavapors® – The next generation in waste solvent management & recycling

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Wednesday, June 17, 2105 I 2:00pm Eastern Time

The cost of solvent disposal can be just as high or higher than the cost of purchasing solvent. Less expensive technical grade solvent can be purified by distillation to achieve the purity necessary for academic and industrial applications. Solvent reclamation, recycling and purification with a BUCHI Industrial Rotavapor is not only efficient but it pays for itself after one year. Join us to discover ways to better manage or develop your own in-house solvent disposal/recycling program and the benefits of this type of program.

During this webinar you will:

  • Solutions to improve the purity of technical grade solvents
  • Solvent reclamation and reselling
  • Solvent recycling

Who should attend:

  • Industries: Academia, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Environmental
  • Job titles: Lab Managers, Chemical Engineers, Grad Students, Research Assistants, environmental health and safety staff

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BUCHI 7th Annual Technical Seminar & Workshop

BUCHI is hosting their 7th annual technical seminar and workshop today at the Holiday Inn in Somerset, NJ. Included here are some pictures at the event, please visit our website for any information on any of the laboratory equipment mentioned below.

BUCHI not only manufactures market leading instruments, but we also provide method development and application support to our customers. For more than 70 years, BUCHI has developed techniques and equipment designed to simplify your workflow and make your lab and facility more productive.

Attendees of this FREE one day seminar are learning essential technical information and participating in open discussions on implementation, application and method development among users and peers.

9:00 Registration with continental breakfast – Intro to BUCHI

9:15 BUCHI introduction and product overview

9:30 Sepacore® – Preparative and Flash Chromatography – Extended pressure range up to 725psi using innovative three piston pulsation free pumps – unmatched for Flash. Presented by Jeff Reid, BUCHI Corporation

•Benefits of a modular approach
•Various configurations, options, and setups
•SepacoreControl software and SepacoreRecord for data acquisition
•Unique Cartridger – high performing columns you can pack

10:15 Break

10:30 SpeedExtractor – Pressurized Solvent Extraction System, and Syncore® Concentration. Presented by William Ickes, BUCHI Corporation

•Design improvements simultaneously extract up to 6 samples in 20 minutes!
•Precise pressure and temperature control and reporting
•Unique design features for better reproducibility and accuracy
•Streamlined concentration with solvent recovery – Syncore and Multivapor™ together

11:15 Demonstration of Sepacore® and the SpeedExtractor. Open discussion and hands-on operation of instruments. Explore the flexibility of the Sepacore modular chromatography system and try samples on the world’s most innovative pressurized solvent extractor the SpeedExtractor.

12:00 Lunch – provided by BUCHI

1:00 Introduction to FTNIR and NIRCal®
Presented by Dr. Ron Rubinovitz, BUCHI Corporation

•Comparison of FTNIR to FTIR and Raman
•Pharma/Biotech – BUCHI’s unique fully validated ID library
•Nutraceuticals – Meet GMP requirements for incoming Material Identification
•Unique ChromaDex® Standards Data Base
•Steps for a successful NIR implementation

1:45 FTNIR – NEW developments
Presented by Dr. Ron Rubinovitz, BUCHI Corporation

•New NIRMaster Analyzer – World’s first “hardened” FTNIR – can be hosed down in process
•New software networking capabilities/continuous monitoring capabilities
•Checkmaster – Full automation at the Tablet Press – content uniformity and physical properties

2:30 Demonstration of N-500 FTNIR NIRFlex® Analyzer and NIRCal® Software. Open discussion and hands-on operation of instruments.

*The N-500 and the NIRMaster are in operation and a NIRCal software demo will be done this afternoon.