Sepacore Easy Purification Systems: better and faster separation


By: Brigitte Pichon

BUCHI introduces the new Sepacore Easy Purification Systems. These preparative chromatography start-up packages enable the purification required after a chemical synthesis or the extraction of a natural product. As a first step toward automation, they allow to precisely control the flow rate and the eluent composition of the mobile phase. Compared with the use of an open glass column, the Easy Purification Systems enable an improved separation with a decreased purification cost.

The “Easy Synthesis” system featuring a 250 mL/min, 10 bar (145 psi) pumping system offers an ideal configuration for the purification of synthesis mixtures on flash cartridges. Compared with the manual purification, the accurate control of the gradient elution provides an increased resolution and therefore a higher purity of the collected fractions.

The “Easy Extract” system is designed for large sample loading such as natural extracts. For such applications, the 50 bar (725 psi) gradient system is able to feed large glass columns for the purification of several hundred grams of natural extract. Together with a controlled separation process, such a system also allows to significantly reduce the solvent consumption when compared with the manual feeding of the solvents on an open glass column.

Both systems can later on easily be upgraded to a completely automated system including UV and/or ELS detection, fraction collection and flexible computer control.

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Universal detection with the new ELS Detector C-650


The Evaporative Light Scattering Detector (ELSD) C-650 detects all non-volatile compounds, including those which cannot be detected using UV absorption. It can handle any combination of mobile phases and gradients required for efficient and fast separations. A proprietary flow splitter provides a controlled flow rate to feed the ELSD for any application requiring a flow rate up to 250 mL/min.
When used in parallel with the C-640 UV-Vis Detector, it allows monitoring all the compounds eluting from the column and collecting them accordingly.
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New BUCHI Pre-Packed Flash Chromatography Cartridges

New Sepacore Flash Chromatography Cartridges

New Sepacore Flash Chromatography Cartridges

BUCHI Corporation, a leading supplier of quality high-performance scientific laboratory products, has expanded its portfolio of Sepacore® flash chromatography offerings to include an extensive line of pre-packed disposable flash cartridges. The new Sepacore® Flash cartridges are designed to enable fast, cost-effective, and reproducible isolation of high purity compounds using any flash chromatography instrument.

The combination of a broad range of sorbents and the large choice of cartridge sizes provides a separation solution for just about any purification requirement. Sepacore® flash cartridges range from 4g up to 330g in size, and are available with the choice of Silica (normal-phase) , C18 (reversed-phase), Amine, Cyano, Diol and SCX-2 cation exchange packing materials. And for the more difficult separations, the available Silica HP cartridges provide smaller particles with higher resolution capabilities. For larger-scale purifications 750g and 1500g cartridges are available with both Silica and C18 sorbent materials.

The high quality Silica packing material used in the new Sepacore® cartridges is specially selected to provide efficient and reproducible separations. Its narrow particle size distribution, low metal ion content, neutral pH, and controlled water content enable the overall purification process to be performed faster and at a lower cost than most conventional cartridges.

While these new Sepacore® cartridges work equally well on all flash chromatography instruments, their full advantage is most conveniently realized when used together with the BUCHI Sepacore® flash chromatography system. This system provides optimal scale-up capability with a maximal flow rate of 250mL/min. It enables high resolution separations even at the highest flow rates with a working pressure up to 50bars (725psi).

Comprised of the new pre-packed cartridges, modular instrumentation systems, glass column, and the unique Cartridger ® self-packing device, the Sepacore® range from BUCHI represents a complete solution for flash chromatography.

For over 50 years, BUCHI has been known as the market leader, inventor and innovator of lab instruments based on Evaporation and Vacuum technologies, and as the supplier of the Rotavapor® products worldwide. In addition, BUCHI Corporation is a proven North American provider of spray dryers for pharmaceutical and food agglomeration and microencapsulation, Kjeldahl and solvent extraction equipment for environmental and food analysis, NIR spectroscopy instruments for pharmaceutical and food Quality Control, modular flash chromatography systems, and other related laboratory equipment. Headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, BUCHI Corporation is an affiliate of BUCHI Labortechnik AG (Flawil, Switzerland).