Live Webinar: Industrial Rotavapors® – The next generation in waste solvent management & recycling

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Wednesday, June 17, 2105 I 2:00pm Eastern Time

The cost of solvent disposal can be just as high or higher than the cost of purchasing solvent. Less expensive technical grade solvent can be purified by distillation to achieve the purity necessary for academic and industrial applications. Solvent reclamation, recycling and purification with a BUCHI Industrial Rotavapor is not only efficient but it pays for itself after one year. Join us to discover ways to better manage or develop your own in-house solvent disposal/recycling program and the benefits of this type of program.

During this webinar you will:

  • Solutions to improve the purity of technical grade solvents
  • Solvent reclamation and reselling
  • Solvent recycling

Who should attend:

  • Industries: Academia, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Environmental
  • Job titles: Lab Managers, Chemical Engineers, Grad Students, Research Assistants, environmental health and safety staff

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Live Webinar: Microencapsulation – an overview of the technology


Wednesday, June 10, 2105 I 2:00pm Eastern Time

Discover more about the reliable and versatile solutions offered by spray drying and encapsulation. This webinar will provide you with a complete overview of microencapsulation using the two technologies, from matrix encapsulation to core and shell capsule formation.

During this webinar you will:

  • Fundamentals of microencapsulation and types of materials used in spray drying versus prilling by vibration
  • Cells, probiotic foods, and pharmaceutical applications
  • Release mechanisms and profiles of the encapsulated materials

Who should attend:

  • Industries: Academia, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage
  • Job titles: Flavor Chemist, Principle Investigator, Professor, R&D Scientist

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Live Webinar: Implementation of NIR technology in flour milling


Thursday, November 13, 2014
2:00pm Eastern Time

NIR is a proven method for quantitative protein, ash, and moisture evaluations important to the flour milling industry. The NIRMaster offers industry-leading robustness, critical to maintain measurement accuracy in harsh environments.

During this webinar you will:

  • Review the fundamentals of FT-NIR and the reasons why this technology is well-suited for the flour milling industry
  • Learn how to easily implement and customize your NIRSolution
  • Be introduced to NIROnline and learn how to integrate these two technologies for the ultimate in process control

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Live Webinar: Efficiency in the pharma and nutra environment using FT-NIR

NIRFlex FO Solids

September 18, 2014
2:00pm Eastern Time

NIR has proven to be a fast, flexible, and reliable method for raw material acceptance and quality control, in addition to efficient, non-destructive compositional analysis of in-process and final product blends and final dosage forms.

During this webinar you will:

  • Review the fundamentals of FT-NIR
  • Learn how to use FT-NIR for raw material identification with focus on efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • See examples of FT-NIR for quantification of actives in pharmaceutical blends and tablets

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Live Webinar: From TLC to Flash to Prep-HPLC on BUCHI’s new all-in-one solution – PrepChrom C-700


Wednesday, June 18, 2014
11:00am Eastern Time

What if there were a way to combine flash chromatography and preparative HPLC into one solution that took up a quarter of the space? Learn about how you can go from TLC to purified product without multiple instruments and without being an expert in chromatography. A test application will show how one product can give you the results you need quickly and easily.

Key Learning Objectives:
• Learn about your options to purify compounds and reaction mixtures.
• Learn how several techniques involved in preparative chromatography can be combined into one solution.
• See interesting applications optimized from TLC to flash and from flash to HPLC fractions.

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Webinar: Optimized Extraction Methods for Pollutants in Soil

BUCHI Extraction Systems

BUCHI Extraction Systems

Reminder: Our next BUCHI Webinar is at 1:30PM EST on 9/14. Register for this extraction webinar

The webinar focuses on presenting Optimized Extraction Methods for Pollutants found in Soil. Choosing the right fat extraction technique is important to save time and solvent and still achieve superior recovery and reproducibility.

BUCHI offers a wide range of extraction systems, attend this seminar to learn optimization techniques for a variety of food samples and be able to choose the best system for your technique.