Buchi NIR, Extraction and Kjeldahl Solutions for Dairy Products

Effective quality control is essential in the dairy products industry. The healthy image that these products enjoy, especially the perception of their safety and quality, is always under close scrutiny due to occasional highly publicized product recalls involving milk, cheese, ice cream, and related products.

Buchi is a leading global supplier of dedicated solutions for the milk and dairy industry. Our extensive experience within the industry involves both classical reference methods and innovative FT-NIR technology for highly reliable quality control of milk and dairy products.

Dairy products analysis with Buchi NIRMaster™:
Preparation time: <1 min.
Analysis time: 30 sec. – 2 min. for liquid milk
Materials required: NIRMaster, unbreakable cup, and specific calibration
Dairy calibrations available for: raw milk, milk powder, WPC, butter, cream, buttermilk, ice cream, yogurt, chocolate
More NIR calibrations are available.

Protein determination analysis using automated Kjeldahl:
Instruments required: Digestion units SpeedDigester K-425/436/439 and Scrubber B-414, Kjelflex K-360 with external titrator from either – Mettler, Metrohm, Schott, or Radiometer or Buchi Kjeldahl Sampler system K-370/371
Preparation time: 2 – 3 min./sample
Analysis time: Digestion: 60 min., Distillation/titration: 5 – 6 min.
Available applications: see the complete listing of Kjeldahl Applications

Fat determination analysis using automated hot extraction:
Instruments required: Hydrolysis unit E-416 and Hot Extraction unit E-816
Preparation time: 2 – 3 min./sample
Analysis time: Acid hydrolysis: 45 min., Drying (microwave): 30 min., Extraction solvent recovery: > 45 min., Drying to constant weight: 20 min.

Dairy Product Analysis

NIR, Extraction & Kjeldahl Analysis on Dairy Products