Short Note #60: Cleaning Up Of alpha-Methylstyrene by Flash Chromatography

This short note details the isolation of alpha-Methylstyrene from a crude reaction mixture. This may sound easy, but the reaction mixture contains some dimethyl sulfoxide and the oily wetting agent from the sodium hydride. Both of them are not UV-active and therefore in the TLC invisible. Download or view this Flash Chromatography short note and visit our Chromatography Applications page for other synthetic reaction mixture notes.

Sepacore configuration:
40 X 150mm Cartridge prepacked with silica gel 60
2 C-605 Pump Modules
C-660 Fraction Collector
C-620 Control Unit with SepacoreControl Software
C-635 UV Photometer

Separation Conditions:
Eluent: n-hexane with 0%, 2% und 15% ethyl acetate, step gradient
Flow rate: 100ml/min
Sample: 3 g crude mixture, dissolved in toluene
Injection volume: 4.5 ml (although the mixture is liquid, the sample is not fully miscible with n-hexane and must be dissolved in toluene and
injected directly onto the cartridge)

Sepacore Flash Chromatography System

Sepacore Flash Chromatography System