NIRMaster’s Benefits for Food Safety & Quality in Milk & Dairy Production

Buchi NIRMaster - FT-NIR Spectrometer

Buchi NIRMaster - FT-NIR Spectrometer

Food safety and consistent quality are essential in milk and dairy production. Accurate and meaningful nutritional facts are important. Understanding customer needs in the milk and dairy industry, BUCHI has designed the first standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer specifically for that industry.

The NIRMaster™ is the first dedicated FT-NIR standalone spectrometer. The NIRmaster is an integral part of BUCHI’s larger NIRSolutions product line providing dedicated at-line and off-line NIR laboratory equipment improve your business.

BUCHI has developed a brochure specifically for the Milk & Dairy industry. Request this NIR Brochure and talk to one of our specialists with any questions or feedback.

Some of the benefits include:

1. The hygienic easy-clean design and high ingress protection (IP) support your routine work in harsh environments. The NIRMaster™ is available in food-grade PMMA housing or stainless steel housing.

2. The modern and robust NIRMaster™ based on fast and precise polarization FT-NIR technology, provides accurate and reliable results for multiple parameters simultaneously.

3. The NIRMaster™ with its built in PC, preinstalled software and quick-start calibrations can be quickly set up and put into operation.

4. The NIRMaster™ is supported by a twin-lamp safeguard for uninterrupted operation even in cases of lamp failure. Based on robust and accurate polarization technology it is more shock resistant than any other FT-NIR.

5. In cooperation with many of BUCHI’s long-term customers we have concentrated data and experience in our pre-calibrations. These powerful quick-start calibrations enable you to efficiently analyze a broad range of your sample constituents.

6. BUCHI NIR spectrometers are identical by design. Spectra and calibrations can be exchanged between laboratory and production units without any calibration standardization. Furthermore, your existing calibrations, even data from other suppliers, can be transferred easily to your new BUCHI FT-NIR spectrometer.

7. Use the powerful NIRCal software to evaluate your production data. Keep an eye on what is going on at your sites. For evaluating or updating a calibration NIRCal is the ideal tool. The patented Calibration Wizard and the comprehensive NIRCal Toolbox support even unexperienced users building up powerful calibrations.