Buchi Winter 2011 Newsletter

Buchi Recirculating Chillers

Buchi Recirculating Chillers

Winter 2011 Newsletter
The big news is the launch of our all-new line of recirculating chillers designed to work seamlessly with a rotary evaporator and vacuum controller. Conventional recirculating chillers that are not fully integrated with the entire evaporation system waste a lot of energy and generate heat between the distillation runs because they do not shut off automatically.

Buchi’s new line of chillers, which connect to the rotary evaporator and can be controlled from the evaporation system’s vacuum controller, represent the final step to a fully integrated evaporation or distillation process.

Additionally, in this issue you will find a best@buchi study to help you achieve low detection and quantification limits for Kjeldahl Nitrogen determination, as well as a full-length application note that introduces a faster, safer, and simpler sampler alternative to Kjeldahl methods for Nitrogen and protein determination in milk.

If you are planning to attend WQA-Aquatech, Pittcon, or INTERPHEX shows, we encourage you to stop by the Buchi booth and give us your feedback in person. Reminder: we are offering special promotions for Pittcon including daily iPad giveaways and 25% off vouchers for the first 200 vistors to our booth. We look forward to seeing you there!

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