NIR Brochure: Advantages of NIRMaster for Feed & Forage Industry

Buchi Near Infrared Solutions

Buchi Near Infrared Solutions

Production of compound feeds is a complex matter. Accurate and meaningful nutritional facts are most important. Understanding customer needs in the feed and forage industry, BUCHI has designed the first standalone FT-NIR Spectrometer specifically for that industry – the NIRMaster™.

Please contact Buchi and request our new NIR segment brochure highlighting the major quality and production control advantages of the NIRMaster FT-NIR Spectrometer for the Feed & Forage Industry.

Get more analysis information, higher productivity, higher quality and better understanding in feed production. Rapidly control the quality and nutritional facts of your feed ingredients, pre-mix, and final products using BUCHI NIRSolutions. The NIRMaster™ is the first dedicated FT-NIR standalone spectrometer. Its easyclean design and high ingress protection (IP) meet the specific needs for at-line analysis in compound feed production.

Many different constituents of compound feed such as moisture (dry matter), fat, protein, ash, NDF, ADF, amino acids, starch, total sugar, crude fiber and many more can be qualified and quantified.