BUCHI NIRMaster: First All-In-One FT-NIR Spectrometer

The first stand alone FT-NIR-spectrometer with “hygienic design“, the BUCHI NIRMaster is fully at-line compatible in the production environment of food and feed industries. The cleaning and the operation is extremely simple and safe and complies with the special hygienic requirements.

The BUCHI NIRMaster is available in a food certified polymer or stainless steel enclosure, with ingress protection class IP54 or higher. With the wide range of pre-calibrations the NIRMaster is ready for immediate implementation without the need of frequent, expensive instrument standardizations.

The unique polarization interferometer provides the NIRMaster with a level of robustness that is not achievable by other technologies. Its high sensitivity assures reliable and accurate results even in harsh environments.

The user can operate the NIRMaster from an intuitive touch screen interface, providing highest usability and all relevant results at a glance. See below for the facts on this incredible equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Feed industries.

Buchi NIRMaster FT-NIR Spectrometer

Facts On Buchi's NIRMaster - All-In-One FT-NIR Spectrometer