Technology Pioneer, Andrew Schiermeier, and Buchi’s Nano SprayDryer B-90

Check here for the profile of technology pioneer Andrew Schiermeier (shown seated in front of his Buchi Nano SprayDryer B-90) and his company Medicine in Need (MEND), selected by Time Magazine as one of the “10 Start-Ups that will Change Your Life”.

Please visit Buchi’s YouTube Channel to view a video of Mr. Schiermeier discussing his company’s work, the advantages they bring to the market and some of the laboratory tests involved.

Mr. Schiermeier is a technology pioneer of the World Economic Forum and CEO of  MEND which is a non-profit that applies a venture capital approach to create drugs and delivery technologies at the lowest possible cost. They license their products to drug companies to sell at an affordable cost to the poor and use the royalties to fund new research.